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Replica Watches Essentials Watchonista’s dedicated Harry Winston Opus page

Replica Watches Essentials Watchonista’s dedicated Harry Winston Opus page

Third, the incorporation of an automatic movement with an updated balance spring is something that I feel also shows the brand’s devotion to time precision because a actual jeweler-watchmaker, not only a jeweler who happens to make a couple fancy watches. Harry Winston – hugely successful as a star favorite because of their stunning one-of-a-kind gemstone inventions and, only afterwards, equally-as-elegant women’s and men’s watches – might have easily lasted to create easy quartz diamond-encrusted jewelry-watches and always found customers.Even though plume along with flight-inspired watches have been around the scene in a significant way since about 2013, they’ve become increasingly more evolved in their interpretations. The most well-known are, of course, Dior and their Grand Bal Plume, which ingeniously made the feathered element to the rotor component to enhance beauty in motion; Cartier’s Marquetry Parrot, that imagined a feathered layout but crafted instead from individually fashioned flower petal pieces; and Graff’s iconic butterfly watch, showcasing 1,641 diamonds combined with 108 multicolored sapphires in a kaleidoscope of shifting colours. Each piece highlights a different new design technique.In the Harry Winston Premier Precious Butterfly collection, the situation is made from either 18K white gold or rose gold with 2.32ct across 57 brilliant-cut white diamonds in a frame pattern adorning the bezel. The matching buckle is also set with diamonds, tonal 18K gold, and a dramatic black lace strap.

Harry Winston Opus 11 by Denis Giguet

Swiss watch portal Watchonista has put up a page dedicated to the Harry Winston Opus collection, containing information on all 11 Opus watches to date. Very soon Opus 12 will be revealed at Baselworld. Stay tuned.


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