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Replica Trusted Dealers Introducing the Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde Only Watch, a Unique Travel Time for Charity

Replica Trusted Dealers Introducing the Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde Only Watch, a Unique Travel Time for Charity

The Histoire de Tourbillon series will get Harry Winston in trouble. Seeing how every iteration of the series of incredible heritage watches is becoming exponentially more and more complex every year, we are starting to wonder how on Earth will they manage to deliver something which may up the ante from the previous version. Nonetheless, it does not seem like 2016 will be the year that the Histoire De Tourbillon plateaued, with the debut of the downright galactic Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 7 for Baselworld.So how, exactly, does one go on topping 2015’s eye-watering, $600,000 Tourbillon 6, which marveled with nearly 700 parts, two time indicators, an 80-hour power reserve, and a tri-axial tourbillon — all housed in a titanic 55mm case? Easy. You double down with none, but two bi-axial tourbillons wed with a spherical String that averages their behavioural patterns relative to position and gravity to give a stunning, synchronous ballet with time. Easy, right?On newspaper, the HW4502 movement may appear simpler, as it is comprised of only a hair over 500 parts and 84 stone. Plus, this latest version does not contain quite as many unique complications since the Tourbillon 6. Additionally, it’s still about precisely the same size as the (above-average-sized) modern wristwatch, at 43.5 millimeter wide and 8.65 millimeter thick — and again, those are the dimensions of just the movement independently! Anyhow, that notable decrease in component count appears to have enabled the Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 7’s movement engineers to focus on the technical wizardry behind carrying one tourbillon complication with two axes of diverse trajectories that push the escapements, and doubling it — a clinically calculated accomplishment Winston clarifies was accomplished with “outstanding technical intensity.” Sounds about Perfect.

Harry Winston has created a unique version of the Ocean Dual Time Retrograde in white gold with blue and red livery for Only Watch 2015.

Decorated in a flurry of red, black and blue, the one of a kind Ocean Dual Time Retrograde is Harry Winston‘s entry for charity auction Only Watch. It offers twin time zones, local time on the sub-dial at one o’clock and home time on a retrograde indicator running from six to 12 o’clock.  While the regular production Ocean Dual Time Retrograde is monochromatic, this unique edition takes liberties with shapes and colours. The design is an exaggerated version of the action movie aesthetic common to the Ocean line of sports watch. A blue anodised aluminium frame sits over the sub-dial at one o’clock, looking all pointy and sharp, just like the shuriken-shaped seconds hand (a motif pioneered by Maximilian Büsser while he was head of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces and one he carried over to MB&F). The second time zone display on the left is in red and black, with the quarters highlighted in white. 

The case is white gold, with a 44.2mm diameter and the signature crown guard inspired by the arch above Harry Winston’s store in New York City. It’s powered by a Frederic Piguet base movement.

The Ocean Dual Time Retrograde will be sold on November 7, 2015 to benefit a foundation that’s searching for a cure to Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

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