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Jaquet Droz – The Tropical Bird Repeater visits Tokyo Eta Movement Replica Watches

Behold, a worthy competition for the Many Random Selection Of Words On A Watch Dial 2016 Award, as featured on the Alpina Alpiner 4 GMT Business Timer. Past the at first baffling dial text, there actually is an interesting and competitive, though not entirely new offering released now by Alpina, so let’s take a nearer look.Alpina, if you didn’t know, is Frédérique Constant’s sister brand, bought and restored beneath FC in an effort to supply the parent brand’s strong points — competitive pricing, layout, and quality — at a sportier package since the more tasteful styling of Frédérique Continuous wouldn’t have taken well to some sporty new direction. The “4” in the Alpiner 4 collection title identifies a 1938 collection from Alpina (that the brand says was the very first “modern Korean sports watch”), with the number 4 calling to: Stainless Steel, Water Resistant, Anti-Magnetic, along with Anti-Shock. Because of this, the Alpina Alpiner 4 GMT Business Timer is ISO764 compliant and can be licensed to defy magnetic fields of up to 4,800 A/m.

Over 70 local journalists and VIP clients had the chance to admire the Tropical Bird Repeater, the new timepiece from the Automata collection, during a special event which was held at the Nicolas G. Hayek Center, located at the heart of Ginza, Japan’s iconic luxury shopping area. The dial of this automaton watch displays several simultaneous or consecutive animations with peacock, tropical leaves, hummingbird, toucan, dragonflies and waterfall.

Mr. Marc Aellen, Vice President and Head of International Sales at Jaquet Droz, made a presentation for the guests. Discover a glimpse of the event in the video below.

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