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Promotion: The Masculine Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon Replica Watch

Consider what the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon replica watch represents; it’s a Golden Bridge re-imagined in titanium, and a flying tourbillon re-imagined as a sports watch. Corum launched the first-ever Ti-Bridge model in 2009 and followed up with the even more audacious Ti-Bridge Tourbillon in 2010. More than a tourbillon grafted to the in-house Ti-Bridge movement, […]

The Awesome Fake Titanium Case Corum Golden Bridge Automatic Watch Replica

In 2011 a new milestone for the CorumĀ Golden Bridges watch replica collection was achieved with the addition of a linear oscillating weight thus producing the first Golden Bridge Automatic edition. Antonio Calce, a CEO who was as committed to his business as any in the industry is gone, leaving behind the company which he had […]