Cartier Replica Roadster Watch Review

The Cartier Roadster is a very unique designed watch inspired by the car racing ’50 and ’60 era. The whole collection does have that Cartier exclusive look and feel and this is what makes it so interesting and so popular. Of course, don’t get me going about the Cartier Roadster Chronograph price, which well… let’s just say that not many people can actually afford a Cartier Roadster Chronograph and it’s not even one of their expensive designs. But hey, ultimately that’s what you get when getting a watch from a brand specializing in high end jewelry.
Cartier Roadster genuine models not replica

Cartier Roadster genuine models not replica

This is the Cartier Roadster collection from the Cartier website. As you can see they all have pretty much the same shape case and bracelet details. Also the dials look very simple, classy, stylish and very much alike creating quite a confusion if you’re not a good detail watcher. Wearing a Cartier Roadster Replica Watches will mean that you spend anywhere from 5k for a quartz movement to 32k on a still quartz movement but diamond encrusted watch, a pretty hard to swallow price range I’d have to say. I’m not sure you can actually get a Cartier Roadster automatic Cartier Roadster Mens Watch, as they stopped making these quite some time ago but don’t worry though, Cartier is well known for its ultra high end quartz movements. Luckily the rich and famous will not stop buying such pieces of jewelry and the regular people like me and you will always look for cheaper alternatives that will fit their pockets.

Being such a simple model the replica word is offering some well Best Fake Cartier Roadster Chronograph watch cloned pieces if you look well enough and in the right places. Watch out for the right numerals design, the crown shape, the case and bracelet shape as well and the date magnifier which is a trade mark for this model and looks like a teardrop.

You will find these watches in good materials and quality as well as a precise working mechanism at around $150 to $200. Any less will be a poor quality watch and if you pay more you might be overpaying actually. A good thing about this particular model is that you will not find a lot of Swiss models on it asking for ridiculous prices and delivering poor quality so there’s one more thing to worry less about. I found a few good examples I’d say but even more I’d like to hear your opinion on this particular model and on those photos below.